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400meters - 1 lap around a track or 1/4 mile.

800meters - 2 laps around a track or 1/2 mile.

Chafing – When clothing “rubs you the wrong way” and causes redness and/or blisters; usually caused by wearing the wrong clothing.

Chip Time - A "chip" is a tiny electronic chip that's programmed with your specific runner identification. At a race, it is attached to your shoe laces.  It sends a signal to an electronic reading device--often hidden under a strip of carpet-- when you cross the start line and again when you cross  the finish line. Your exact time is  recorded automatically.

Cross Training – Training by participating in exercises/sports other than running itself, although the aim is to improve your overall fitness and therefore your running.

Fartlek - Swedish for "speed play;" variable pace running; a mixture of slow running, running at a moderate pace and short, fast bursts. Fartlek training is a "creative way" to increase speed and endurance.

Intervals - Training in which short, fast "repeats" or "repetitions"
often 200 to 800 meters, are alternated with slow "intervals" of jogging for recovery; usually based on a rigid format such as "six times 400 meters fast [these are the repeats] with 400-meter recovery jogs [the intervals]."  Interval training builds speed and endurance.

Marathon - 26.2 miles. According to legend, in 490 B.C., a Greek soldier name Philippides ran the distance from the site of the battle of Marathon to Athens, where he died after the Greek victory over the Persians.

Naked - Running without any devices; no watch, no music, no Garmin... just you and the road.

Negative Splits - Running the second half of a race faster than
the first half.

Overpronation - When you run, your feet roll inwards. Common if you have flat feet.

Pace – Measure of running speed; usually as “minutes per mile.”

PR - Personal Record or sometimes referred to as PB (Personal Best).

Pronation - The condition of having feet that turn in such a manner as to put the body’s weight on the inner edge of one’s foot.

Runner's High - A feeling, usually unexpected, of exhilaration
and well-being directly associated with vigorous running; apparently  related to the secretion of endorphins.

Splits - Refers to your times at mile markers or other pre-planned checkpoints along the way to the finish line.

Strength Training – Exercises performed with added resistance; i.e. lifting weights.

Strides - Short, fast, but controlled runs of 50 to 150 meters.
Strides, which are used both in training and to warm up before a race, build speed and efficiency.

Taper - Reducing training volume and/or intensity to allow for recovery; usually one tapers before an important race.

Tempo Runs - Sustained effort training runs, usually 20 to 30 minutes in length, at 10 to 15 seconds per mile slower than 10-K race pace.  Another way to gauge the pace of tempo runs: a pace about midway between  short-interval training speed and your easy running pace.

Underpronation - When your feet roll outwards as you run.

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