river trail of illinois... This newly repaved trail runs from East Peoria to the heart of Morton, stretching approx. 6 miles each way. The trail is nice for long runs with a water fountain on both ends and in the middle at Bunnell Park.  It’s a scenic tour along a tree line, through rural neighborhoods, over creeks and an uphill patch through the woods. The best places to park and begin the trail are...

  1. Fondulac Park District building

  2. 201 Veteran Drive, East Peoria

  3. CVS (back of parking lot)

  4. 200 N. Main St, East Peoria

  5. Westwood Park, near the intersection of Jefferson & Detroit Ave in Morton.

More trail information here.

local running routes

peoria riverfront... Take in the pride of Peoria by running the beautiful riverfront trail along the Illinois River! The northern part of the riverfront trail is flat and scenic.  For a challenge, head south for some hill work with a climb up and over the Bob Michels Bridge.    Home to the annual Building Steam training program (April-June), it’s a perfect route for beginners. Once construction is complete on the east side of the river, this trail will also hook up with the River Trail of Illinois.  Three most popular starting points are...

  1. Riverplex Recreation Center, 600 NE Water St, Peoria

  2. Gateway Building, 200 NE Water St, Peoria

  3. East Peoria’s Riverfront Park, located behind East Peoria Wal-Mart

All locations have plenty of parking for group runs.

rock island trail.. Once an abandoned railway, this 30 mile stretch of trail is now a peaceful haven for runners, wakers, cyclists, and even cross country skiers.  Whether it be spring, summer, fall or winter, the trail is a recreational mecca for central Illinois.  Most popular for the gravel portion that runs from Alta to Toulon, there is also a 2 mile paved section that connects with the Kellar Branch trail in Peoria, featuring a dark cool tunnel under the interstate. Are you Friends of the Rock Island Trail yet?  Consider supporting the non-profit community group that works to maintain and expand the trails we run.  The best places to park for the Rock Island Trail are...

  1. Connor Co., 1209 W. Pioneer Parkway, Peoria - Trail heads north from the rear of the parking lot.

  2. Alta Trailhead located off Alta Lane (take Allen Rd north from Peoria, follow the curve to the left where it becomes Alta Lane - Watch for the trail parking lot is located on your right.)

More trail information here.

kellar branch trail... This newly

built paved trail is the new pride of

Peoria!  There are still a couple

segments under construction, but

eventually the this trail will be the

important connector of the Rock Island

and Pimiteoui trails, giving runners

a safe route through the cities of

Peoria and Peoria Heights. The Kellar

Branch trail currently spans approx.

4 miles of wide smooth pavement. Ample parking is available at these locations adjacent to the Kellar Branch trail...

  1. Connor Co., 1209 W. Pioneer Parkway, Peoria (head south on trail)

  2. Midstate College, corner of Northmoor Rd and Knoxville Ave, Peoria

  3. Junction City Shopping Center, 5901 N. Knoxville Ave, Peoria

  4. Peoria Heights Library, 816 E. Glen Ave, Peoria Heights

pekin park district trail... Venture outside Peoria for a run and you won’t regret it.  The city of Pekin offers a 4.3 mile paved trail for runners and cyclists. The trail begins along the riverfront, runs through the beautiful Mineral Springs Park with a serene lagoon, circling Coal Miners Park, with a nice shaded section leading up to Allentown Rd. The best places to park and begin the trail are...

  1. Pekin Riverfront Park

  2. 121 Court Street, Pekin

  3. Mineral Springs Park, entrance off Court St. or Rt. 9, Pekin

  4. Coal Miners Park

  5. 300 S. Parkway Drive, Pekin

More trail information here.

bradley park... A hidden gem for running is right in the heart of Peoria.  For a challenging jaunt, tackle the winding roads through the 140 acres of Bradley Park. You’ll run up the high bluff, across Dry Run Creek, and then up the steps to the upper section of the park, where the trail leads into the historic neighborhoods surrounding Bradley University. Start your adventure by parking at...

  1. Lower Bradley Park, 1314 Park Road, (just off Farmington Rd) Peoria

More park information here.

springdale cemetery... Home to many local races, the Springdale Cemetery is a popular running route amongst Peoria’s clan of runners.  With little worries about traffic, runners are able to focus on the challenge of hills.  The paved surfaces alternately narrow and widen as it winds through the scenic cemetery. Tombstones and memorials of every variety make for interesting scenery to pass the miles. Next door to Springdale Cemetery is Glen Oak Park, offering a break from the hilly cemetery to add miles to your run.

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